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Dynamic Signal Analyzer

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Our systems support the widest range of applications in dynamic signal analysis:
4, 8, 16, 32 analog input channels
100 kHz simultaneous sampling
IEPE sensor conditioning
TEDS support
USB 2.0 host interface

YMC Series 4/8/16/32-channel hardware platform tailored to meet the high requirements of today’s dynamic signal analysis with 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters and up to 100kHz sampling rate ;It is possible to synchronize two YMC devices via a master clock without influencing their performance, thus providing maximum flexibility.
As well as normal voltage inputs with AC/DC coupling, signal conditioning for the analog input channels also provides source capabilities for IEPE sensors and an interface for assessing standardized Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS).
9004 9004H 9008 9216
9004 9004H 9008 9208 9216 9232
Analog Input Channels 4 4 8 8 16 32
Analog Output CHannels 0 0 0  2
Input Range Voltage ±10V PEAK ±10V PEAK ±10V PEAK  ±10V PEAK ±10V PEAK  ±10V PEAK
Signal Input Frequency Range Voltage DC~50kHz DC~500kHz DC~50kHz DC~50kHz  DC~50kHz DC~50kHz 
IEPE 0.3Hz~50kHz 0.3Hz~500kHz 0.3Hz~50kHz  0.3Hz~50kHz 0.3Hz~50kHz 0.3Hz~50kHz 
Simultaneous Sampling Rate  100kHz/CH  750kHz  100kHz   50kHz 
Signal Channel Sampling Rate  100kHz  3MHz  100kHz   100kHz 
AD bits  24 16 24 24
Gain  x1, x10, x100 x1, x10 x1, x10, x100    x1, x10, x100 
Accuracy  ≤±0.5% ≤±0.5%  ≤±0.5%    ≤±0.5% 
DA Conversion Rate  - -  -  192kHz 192kHz
Analog Output Range  -  - -  ±5V PEAK  ±5V PEAK 
Analog Output Accuracy  - - -  ≤±1%  ≤±1% 
Dimensions (mm)  100x122x45 100x122x45 200x122x45 118x35x180
Weight (Gram) 600 600 1000 3500
Power Supply  USB interface +5VDC 220V50Hz  220V50Hz