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AVANT Integer provides a perfect solution for field measurements. It integrates a high performance dynamic signal analyzer with an embedded microcomputer , so as to simplify complicated measurement setup , and more important, to essentially enhance the reliability. Engineers may start a desired measurement immediately anytime on field, with its solid touch screen operation , easy to use software components , plus wireless communication capability. AVANT Integer is your hands on assistant for field measurements. avant 1


Mobile Data Recorder
Specialized design for field application, mobile and portable, excellent assistant for on -site engineers.

Built-in Batteries
Portable, work for over 2 hours without external power.

Integrated with multi-function such as data acquisition, recording, real-time analysis, playback and signal source to meet the requirements of various applications.

Superb Performance
Based on the built-in high performance DSP processor and embedded computer, AVAVT Integer realizes high quality task of measurement and analysis.

High reliability
Reduce the boring connections before test and effectively improve the reliability of the system.

10.4 LCD touch screen operation with Windows GUI, convenient and flexible.

Side view

avant 2
avant 3


Name Parameter
Channels 4, 8
Output Channels 1, 2 (wave source)
Voltage Range 10±V PEAK
ADC Resolution 24-bit
Dynamic Range 110dB
Channel Match 0.5 degree phase, ± 0.05dB(DC 2 0KHz) amplifier
Sampling Frequency 96KHz, parallel synchronized data acquisition
Sensor Type acceleration, force, flow, voltage, angular acceleration, etc.
Coupling Mode DC, AC, ICP
Amplitude Accuracy 1mV (≤100mV), 0.1dB ( 100 נּ mV)
DSP Computation 32-bit floating point
Embedded Computer embedded high-performance industrial computer: 10.4"LCD, or external connection VGA  display, touch screen input or external connection keyboard input; support Microsoft Windows2000/XP/Vista operation system.
Measurement Applications data acquisition and real-time analysis, waveform source, data record and offline analysis, machine diagnostics, modal analysis, hydraulic CAT system

Measurement Applications

Data Acquisition and Real-time Analysis
Complete time domain and frequency domain analysis, including auto and cross power spectrum, auto and cross correlation, FFT, FRF, CPB, PDF, CDF coherence and histogram results etc., which meet your requirements for the real-time analysis. Sampling rate up to 96 kHz covers the frequency band for vibration and noise testing. Up to 3,200 lines of analysis spectrums, together with averaging, windowing, overlapping and triggering make your work more precise and efficient. Meanwhile, you may review your test output using multiple plots, such as orbit, polar coordinates and waterfall plots.
avant 4


Data Recording, Playback and Offline Analysis
AVANT provides over 8MB /sec throughout rate based on USB 2.0 connectivity to any PC. It can record and transmit all channels’ raw data rapidly and continuously to an USB equipped PC. When you are back to your office or lab, you can playback the data in PC hard disk and take further analysis as well as on-site analysis.
avant 8


Modal Analysis
This feature is tailored for both impact hammer and shaker excitation. With flexible triggering and a graphically adjustable Force / Exponential window function, it is easy to set up and acquire data by using an impact hammer. For shaker excitation, in order to get best FRF estimation, we not only provide a variety of source waveforms, including swept sine, white noise, burst -random and chirp, and provide optimal signals, but also various FRF estimation methods according to different noise modes, to make best FR F measurements possible. Moreover, this functional module s u pports various file f ormats to save data, which are compliable with popular modal analysis software.
avant 5


Machine Diagnostics
AVANT can help you rapidly and easily isolate and diagnose vibration and noise problems in rotating machinery, using available waterfalls and spectrograms analysis. An advanced digital re–sampling method provides better tracking performance when the RPM varies rapidly. The order range is up to 320 orders, with order resolution as fine as 1/32 of an order.
avant 6


Waveform Source
This module generates multiple types of wave sources to excite external equipments. It can generate sine, square wave, triangle wave, impulse chain, burst chirp, white noise, and pseudo-random, pink random and swept sine. You can set amplitude and frequency range of for each of them.
avant 7