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Handheld Vibration Calibrators (Portable 1g)

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VT-01 handheld shaker is a small, self-contained, Rechargeable battery powered (9VDC), vibration exciter specifically designed to conveniently verify accelerometer and vibration system performance. It accepts sensors up to 120 grams in weight and delivers a controlled, 1 G mechanical excitation. Ideal for conducting on-the-spot sensor sensitivity checks, identifying channels for multi-point data acquisition, performing end-to-end system troubleshooting, and confirming system gain settings.
  • Provides mechanical excitation at Acceleration Output: (±3%) 1.00 grms (9.81 m/s² rms)
  • Fixed, 159.2 Hz(±1%) frequency
  • Automatic shut-off for continuous operation
  • Weight: 600 gram (with batteries)
  • Size:Φ52×148mm