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LA Series Power Amplifiers

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LA Series Power Amplifiers are designed to drive MS series Modal Shakers and MS series small vibrators.
Adjustable RMS output-current limit
Low or high output impedance
Low distortion over wide frequency range
Extensive built-in protection
Operating mode (current or voltage), current state and interlock input disabled
Rear panel voltage and current monitor points
Multifunction display (True Color LCD) showing approximate output current and output voltage, clipped output signal, temperature overload, current overload.
LA-100 power amplifiers ARE built-in Sine signal generator from 5Hz to 30kHz with 100VA power output

Model LA-100 LA-200 LA-500 LA-800 LA-1500
Rated Power Output 100 VA 200 VA 500 VA 800 VA 1500 VA
Input Impedence >10 kΩ >10 kΩ >10 kΩ  >10 kΩ >10 kΩ
Rated Voltage Output 17Vrms 17Vrms 20Vrms 32Vrms 37.5Vrms
Rated Current Output 6 Arms 12 Arms 25 Arms 25 Arms 40 Arms
Non-linearity Distortion <0.5% <1% <1% <1% <0.5%
S/N Rate Voltage Mode ≥90dB ≥80dB ≥80dB ≥80dB ≥90dB
Current Mode - ≥60dB ≥60dB ≥60dB -
Gain Voltage Mode 10V/V±2dB 7V/V±2dB 10V/V±2dB 10V/V±2dB 10V/V±2dB
Current Mode  - 8V/V±2dB 16V/V±2dB 16V/V±2dB -
Frequency Range (Hz)

DC 0~50k±1dB 0~50k±1dB 0~50k±1dB 0~10k±1dB 0~10k±1dB
AC 20~50k±1dB 20~50k±1dB 20~50k±1dB - -
Frequency Range (Hz)

Full Capacity 20~5k 20~5k 20~5k 20~5k 10~5k
Reduced Capacity 0~50k 0~50k 0~50k 0~50k 0~10k
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 483×88×370 483×132.5×380 483×132.5×380 483×132.5×480 483×500×500
Weight (Kg) 6.8 13 25  31 68
Power Supply 220V50Hz 3A 220V50Hz 5A 220V50Hz 5A  220V50Hz 8A 220V50Hz 15A
To drive Modal
Shakers and vibrators