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Miniature Accelerometers

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YMC Series Miniature accelerometers are designed to apply for drop testing & package testing, small component qualification testing, modal testing etc. Small size, light weight.
161A Series:
261A Series: PE
162A Series:
262A Series: PE
164A01 Series:
264A01 Series: PE, M3or Integral Cable Output
266A01 Series:
PE, M3 or Integral Cable Output
141A Series:
Triaxial IEPE 1/4-28(4-pin)


Sensitivity Resonance
Frequency Range
Hz (±10%)
Weight Mounting Type Dimensions
161A10 10mV/g ~30kHz 1~7k ±500g -40~+121oC 7.5 Gram Glue Ø11x5 mm
161A100 100mV/g ~30kHz 1~7k ±50g -40~+121oC 7.5 Gram Glue Ø11x5 mm
261A10 10pC/g ~30kHz 1~7k ±2,000g -40~+150oC 6.0 Gram Glue Ø11x5 mm
162A10 10mV/g ~25kHz 1~7k ±500g -40~+121oC 8.0 Gram Glue 12x12x12 mm
162A100 100mV/g ~25kHz 1~7k ±50g -40~+121oC 8.0 Gram Glue 12x12x12 mm
262A10 10pC/g ~25kHz 1~7k ±2,000g -40~+150oC 7.0 Gram Glue 12x12x12 mm
164A01 1mV/g ~45kHz 1~15k ±5000g -40~+121oC 4.5 Gram Glue Ø8.5x10 mm
264A01 1pC/g ~45kHz 1~15k ±2,000g -40~+150oC 3.5 Gram Glue Ø8.5x10 mm
266A01 1pC/g ~35kHz 2~12k ±2,000g -40~+150oC 1.5 Gram Glue Ø10x5 mm
141A10 10mV/g ~15kHz 1~5k ±500g -40~+121oC 8.0 Gram M5/Glue 10.5x10.5x10.5 mm
141A50 50mV/g ~15kHz 1~5k ±100g -40~+121oC 10 Gram M5/Glue 12x12x12 mm
141A100 100mV/g ~20kHz 0.5~5k ±50g -40~+121oC 12 Gram M5/Glue 15x15x15 mm
Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometers

  • No moving parts provides durability
  • Rigidity imparts high frequency range
  • Lightweight construction minimizes mass loading
  • Numerous configuration options
  • Mount by screw, stud or adhesive
  • Available with both Quartz elements (for thermal stability) or Ceramic elements (for high measurement resolution)


  • Drop testing & Package Testing
  • Small Component Qualification Testing
  • Low Amplitude Vibration Measurements
  • High Frequency Applications

Structured with highly sensitive piezoceramic sensing elements, Ceramic Shear IEPE Accelerometers have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, high measurement resolution, and are ideal for conducting low-level vibration measurements. Due to their inherent higher sensitivity, a ceramic IEPE accelerometer can be assembled with a smaller mass than comparable quartz units, resulting in a sensor that is lighter in weight, has a higher frequency response, and has a lower noise floor.
To further reduce the mass of the sensors, all ceramic shear accelerometers are housed in either tough, lightweight, laser-welded, hermetically sealed, titanium or aluminum housings. By minimizing the mass of the sensor, mass loading effects are reduced, which maximizes the accuracy of the data obtained.
Charge Output miniature accelerometers are capable of operation to +250 °C, permitting measurements in extreme environments and with existing charge amplified systems.
Triaxial accelerometers are available in a variety of sensitivities to suit specific application requirements. Choose miniature, lightweight units for high-frequency response, minimized mass loading, and when installation is in space restricted locations. Low profile designs are ideal for on-road or wind tunnel testing of exterior body panels. Through-hole mount units simplify axis and electrical connector orientation while controlling cable routing along the test specimen. Filtered output units avoid high frequency overload as may be encountered with engine NVH and drive train measurements.

Miniature Single Axis Accelerometers

  • Small size
  • High frequency range
  • Light weight
  • Available in robust titanum or lightweight aluminium housing
Miniature piezoelectric accelerometers are required for applications demanding high frequency range, small size, and low weight.
Product testing is necessary in today’s competitive marketplace in order to optimize designs, reduce defects, and improve customer acceptance and satisfaction. Shock and vibration testing offers a structured approach for verifying survivability in environmental influences that may be encountered during service and for precipitating incipient failures so they are not encountered by the end-user.YMC accelerometers are used extensively for monitoring an object’s response to a programmed vibration input and for controlling the vibration profiles during testing.


  • Environmental Testing
  • Component Qualification
  • Structural Testing
  • Operational Behavior Studies
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Vibration & Sound Cancellation
  • Circuit Boards
  • Components
  • Small Assemblies

Miniature Triaxial Accelerometers
  • Lightweight Titanum
  • Hermetic Seal
  • Light weight
  • Screw, Stud or Adhesive Mount