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Standard, High Temperature, Water-proof Accelerometers

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Calibration Lab Standard Accelerometers
Characteristics: Quartz accuracy and stability rugged design, low base strain sensitivity, low mass loading sensitivity
Applications: Transfer standard for back-to-back calibration of accelerometer field calibrations



Sensitivity Frequency Range
Mounting Weight Housing/Base Dimensions
171A01 1mV/g 1Hz~8kHz ±1,000g -40~+121oC 2-M5 35 Gram stainless Ø21x25.4 mm
271A01 1pC/g 1Hz~8kHz ±1,000g -54~+150oC 2-M5 32 Gram stainless Ø21x25.4 mm

Transverse Sensitivity:2%;;Non linearity±0.5% FSO; 271A01:power supply 4-20A/20-28V

High Temp Accelerometers

YMC offers specially designed and tested accelerometers for conducting shock measurements under demanding  environmental conditions, They are applied for High temperature vibration measurements, engine compartment studies,  thermal stress screening, environmental testing, combined environmental chambers.

  • High Temperature Vibration Measurements
  • Engine Compartment Studies
  • Exhaust Component Vibration Tests
  • Steam Turbine Testing
  • Engine Vibration Analysis

YMC’s Charge Output accelerometers utilize piezo-ceramic sensing elements to directly output an electrostatic charge signal that is proportional to applied acceleration.
Charge Output accelerometers do not contain built-in signal conditioning electronics. As a result, external signal conditioning is required to interface their generated measurement signals to readout or recording instruments. The sensor’s charge output signals can be conditioned with either a laboratory style, adjustable charge amplifier or, for an economical approach, with an in-line, fixed charge converter.
Since there are no electronics built into Charge Output accelerometers, they can operate and survive exposure to very high temperatures (up to +482 °C for some models). In addition, Charge Output accelerometers are used for thermal cycling requirements or to take advantage of existing charge amplifier signal conditioning equipment.
It is important to note that measurement resolution and low-frequency response for charge output, acceleration sensing systems are dependent upon the noise floor and discharge time constant characteristics of the signal conditioning and readout devices used.


272A20 High Temperature Accelerometers
Sensitivity: 20pC/g
Frequency Range: 1Hz ~ 6kHz
Operation Temperature: -54℃ to +250℃

272  272A50D High Temperature Accelerometers
with differential output
Sensitivity: 50pC/g
Frequency Range: 2Hz ~ 3kHz
Operation Temperature: -54℃ to +250℃
Output Type: Differential Output
Mounting Type: Triangle Base
High temperatures (up to +482 °C customized

 Water-proof Accelerometers

The accelerometers and all connecting leads are completely waterproof and designed to withstand water pressure and  temperature variations. The Series water-proof accelerometers are equipped with an integral sheathed cable that can be ordered in any length up to 100 meters. Consult the factory for customized versions of these sensors.

Sensitivity Frequency Range
Mounting Housing/Base 173
173A100 100mV/g 1Hz~6kHz ±50g -40~+121oC M5 stainless steel
273A50 50pC/g 1Hz~6kHz ±500g -54~+150oC M5 stainless steel