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High Performance and Reliability
UCON provides superior performance in both R&D and product manufacturing environment. It is designed based on a distributed processing architecture using multi-DSP technology, low noise hardware design, internal analog and digital anti-alias filtering, 24-bit ADC/DAC modules, and advanced adaptive control algorithms. DSP controlled digital synthesis and filtering provides fast loop timing for quick test load equalization and enhanced safety.
Powerful Versatility and Compatibility
UCON is compatible with both electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic shakers, without any change of its hardware or software. It also offers a comprehensive and flexible suite of control software packages running on Windows 2000 / NT/ XP /Vista system. Users can custmize test application and system without expensive hardware upgrades or changes to their computers and operating systems, UCON also provides flexible multi-users supervision and management.
Enhanced Test Safety
Up to 20 safety checks and interlocks ensure the safety of test personnel, test objects and shaker equipment. In addition, you can press a built-in hardware “ABORT” button to stop the test in emergency.
Flexible Conditioning and Coupling
UCON is the only vibration control system that features multiple signal conditioning and coupling types of Voltage (AC, DC), ICP, Charge, TEDS. Especially, UCON builds high performance charge amplifiers to save cost.
USB2.0 Connectivity
UCON adopts USB2.0 as its connectivity with computer because of its superior speed and convenience. When you connect UCON to your computer, it will be identified as a true USB2.0 device. You can enjoy the connectivity of UCON for ease of plug-in, play and management as well as high speed.
Easy to Use
UCON provides the most convenience for engineers. Its powerful configuration wizard and “one-click” automatic test report generation simplify setup steps for repeated testing assignments.
test schedule test sequence flow chart
Test Schedule Test Sequence Flow Chart