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Auxiliary Applications

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Additional software modules and tools can be added as requirements change without changing current platform. These modules simplify test process and reduce test time. 

Graphical Program Interface
User-defined and friendly graphical  program interface shortens learning  curve and makes it easy to get test results.
Test Preview
UCON provides a “low-level signal control” method to achieve vibration test preview. This method can help test engineer to determine system characteristics such as noise level and FRF that are very useful in vibration test.
Notching Limit
Control Notching Limit Control helps engineers to protect article under test from over excitation to its weak points.
 test preview
Test Preview for Detection
limit controlNotching Limit Control

 Data Recording while Test and Recall
UCON can store customized test data during test and recall them as a series of snapshots of original data.
 Quick Test Report Generation
Just by "one click", UCON can rapidly generate a professional test reports ready for distribution on-line or printing.
 recall data
Recall Data
 test report
Customized Test Report